Design Thinking and Problem Framing – New contribution in Research Handbook on Design Thinking published

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On March 28th, Martin Meinel, Tobias Eismann (both Creativity Lab @Siemens AG), Sebastian Fixson (Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs & Innovation @Babson College, USA) and Kai-Ingo Voigt published a chapter on “Design Thinking and the Role of Problem Framing” in the brand new “Research Handbook on Design Thinking”, edited by Karla Straker and Cara Wrigley. We, the authors, discuss a critical point in the design thinking process, transitioning from inspiration to ideation. Highlighted in this chapter is the lack of literature on this process which has led us to question how this is done. From our analysis on problem framing, we explain the effects of different framing to provide advice for users of design thinking in business and academia. We conclude our chapter by reflecting on how highly topical trends may impact problem framing in design thinking in the future.

The Research Handbook on Design Thinking includes carefully chosen contributions to provide a well-rounded perspective on design thinking. Encouraging debate and development for future research in design conceptualization, this forward-thinking Handbook raises crucial questions about what design thinking is and what it could be in the future.