An improved learning experience in the WiSo library through Design Thinking in the course Organizational Creativity

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Again, the Chair of Industrial Management of Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt could offer the course Organizational Creativity in cooperation with a partner. In cooperation with the WiSo library in Nuremberg, 150 students were given the opportunity to “improve the learning experience of the future” and develop creative concepts. In contrast to the previous semesters, the regular course meetings and group work took place digitally via ZOOM and MS-Teams. Using Design Thinking and under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt, Dr. Tobias Eismann (Senior Creativity and Innovation Manager at Siemens AG) and Oscar Pakos, the students went through three phases: Needfinding, Ideation and Experimentation. First, the students identified user problems. Then, in the second phase, ideas have been generated based on the identified problems and first prototypes developed. Finally, on February 11th, all results were submitted and presented in the form of an elaborated concept and a video pitch. The pitches were presented in the presence of Ms. Kolbe and Ms. Gauhtier (both WiSo-FAU). On March 3rd, Prof. Voigt and Oscar Pakos were able to hand over the final concepts to the library in compliance with the hygiene regulations. 

Overall, the students learned that digital collaboration works well and that there are ways to work together creatively, both individually and as a team. Prof. Voigt and his team thank the students for their hard work, effort and passion that went into the concepts. Thanks also to Ms. Kolbe and her team who made it possible for the students to work on a relevant topic. Examples of the video pitches can be found below.

We are already looking forward to the next course in the winter semester 2021/2022.