Promoting Innovation Cooperation: Keynote speech at “TRANSFERleben”

On October 23th, Prof. Kai-Ingo Voigt accepted the invitation of Bayern Innovativ to give a keynote speech at “TRANSFERleben 2019” at Poolhaus in Nürnberg. The event focused on the technology transfer between science and practice, which has become vital to succeed in innovative activities. After an exciting introduction by Dr. Rainer Seßner, the CEO of Bayern Innovativ, Prof. Voigt gave a Keynote on how to promote economic and scientific cooperation. In this context, he highlighted the importance of creativity in innovation management and the potential of technology to manage complex innovation ecosystems.

Prof. Voigt and Marc Rücker would like to thank Dr. Tanja Jovanovic and Bayern Innovativ for this great event and their commitment to connect science and practice for closer collaboration!