FAU funds innovative course on “Organizational Creativity” at the Chair of Industrial Management

The Chair of Industrial Management is delighted to be considered for funding by “Innovationsfonds Lehre”. This FAU-wide funding program under the direction of FAU vice presidents Prof. Paulsen and Prof. Kopp invests in the development of innovative and sustainable teaching projects. With the help of this fund, Prof. Voigt and his team will ramp up their efforts in teaching creativity, which we believe is one of the most important management skills in an increasingly digitized and automated world. Last semester’s course in “Organizational Creativity” with its embedded Design Thinking exercise has already proven to be successfully increasing our students’ creativity.

For the upcoming winter term, Prof. Voigt and his team will focus even more on enhancing team-based processes and communication that can hinder as well as facilitate creativity in organizations. Therefore, we are looking for student assistants who support us in generating, coding, and evaluating data in the course. So if you are interested in creativity and Design Thinking, please feel free to apply for a student assistant job via email to Tobias Eismann ( You can find further information regarding the job here.