New research article published in “Industrial Marketing Management”

The Chair of Industrial Management proudly announces that our research article “Digital, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing in industrial buying: Still in need of customer segmentation? Empirical evidence from Poland and Germany“ has been published in the current issue of the renowned professional journal Industrial Marketing Management. The author team, consisting of Prof. Dr. Julian Müller, Benjamin Pommeranz, Julia Weisser and Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt, shows interesting insights concerning the necessity of customer segmentation in industrial buying regarding Digital, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing (DSMM) from the perspective of a German sensor supplier. Based on a systematic literature review and an emperical study including 139 industrial enterprises from Poland and Germany, the authors derive strategies for customer segmentation associated to DSMM in industrial buying.

Please download the article at the publisher’s website here. We hope you enjoy reading!