Most read article 2017 in International Journal of Innovation Management

The Chair of Industrial Management proudly announces that our research paper “How the Industrial Internet of Things Changes Business Models in Different Manufacturing Industries”, authored by Dr. Christian Arnold, Dr. Daniel Kiel, and Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt, is the most read article of 2017 in the International Journal of Innovation Management (IJIM). As an internationally renowned journal (VHB Ranking: B), the IJIM deals with multi-disciplinary approaches to address the many challenges of managing innovation, thereby aiming at academics, managers, and consultants.

The article investigates the influence of Industry 4.0 on business models of established manufacturing companies in five industry sectors, i.e., machine engineering, automotive, medical engineering, electrical engineering, and information and communication technology. It is revealed that the machine engineering companies are mainly facing changing workforce qualifications. The electrical engineering as well as information and communication technology companies are particularly concerned with the importance of novel key partner networks. Automotive suppliers predominantly exploit Industry 4.0-related benefits in terms of an increasing cost efficiency.

The article is available here. Enjoy reading!