Dr. Oana Buliga

Responsibilities & Research Areas


  • Course “Global Operations Strategy” (Master)
  • HR Student Assistants

Research Areas

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Organizational Implementation of Business Model Innovation
  • Organizational Resilience Mechanisms linked to Business Model Innovation

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

Since 2013 Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)

Research and Teaching Associate | Chair of Industrial Management

2011-2013 Siemens AG

Working Student | Power and Gas | Lifecycle Costs Calculations, Business Cases, Cost-effectiveness Analyses for R&D Investments (Erlangen)

2010 Flaga LPG

Intern | Market Research (Romania)

2009 Mayrotim SRL

Intern | Client Acquisition Projects (Romania)


Since 2013 Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)

PhD Candidate (Dr. rer. pol.)

2010-2013 Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)

M.Sc. in International Business Studies

2007-2010 Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca and University of Siegen

B.A. in International Economic Relations

Research Output




Supervised Theses

  • Theoretical foundations of a practice-oriented phenomenon: A literature review on the theories and concepts underpinning business model innovation
  • Measurement of the business model innovation construct – a systematic literature review
  • The importance of external triggers for business model innovation in established companies
  • Geschäftsmodellinnovation durch technische Auslöser – Ein Business Case in der Luftfahrzeugbranche beim First Tier Supplier Diehl Aerosystems
  • Managerial opportunity recognition in business model innovation
  • Geschäftsmodellinnovation durch Kooperationen im Rahmen von Mass Customization – am Beispiel des Unternehmens beyerdynamic
  • Interplay between robustness and adaptability as responses to environmental turbulence: a literature overview
  • The influence of industrial services on business model innovations in manufacturing companies
  • Business models of the Schaeffler AG and B2B business model patterns
  • Überblick über Geschäftsmodellvisualisierungsmethoden – eine Metaanalyse wissenschaftlicher Beiträge
  • Designorientiertes Denken im Implementierungsprozess von Geschäftsmodellinnovationen
  • Cross-industry innovations and their influence on business models
  • Business model innovations in social business organizations
  • Business model innovation in the finance industry – in cooperation with the TeamBank AG
  • Analyzing customer benefits of mobility platforms – in cooperation with Capgemini
  • Implementing flexible order fulfillment in logistics – an action research approach with the AUDI AG
  • Electromobility-driven business model innovations – an analysis of the automotive supply industry
  • Interne Risiken strategischer Allianzen in der chinesischen Automobilindustrie – eine empirische Analyse
  • Methods for overcoming internal barriers in business model innovation – a qualitative approach
  • The role of change management in the business model innovation process
  • Implementation of business model innovations
  • Business model innovation through the bounded rationality perspective – how does managerial cognition hinder new business models in established organizations?
  • How does bounded rationality influence group decision-making in the business model innovation process?
  • Group decision making processes in business model Innovation: a qualitative empirical analysis
  • Cognitive resilience as an impetus for organizational innovation – conceptual considerations and the development of a scale
  • How can team decision-making be improved during the business model innovation process? – A case study approach
  • Why do business model innovators require resilience? – A literature review
  • Organizational resilience: What can we learn from high reliability organizations? – A literature review
  • How can organizational resilience tools ease the implementation of business model innovation? – A systematic literature review