Successful final event of 5-Euro-Business

This year’s highlight of the 5-Euro-Business took place in the Marmorsaal of the Presseclub Nürnberg at 29 January 2018. The seminar, which was supervised and co-organized by Dr. Christian Arnold, resulted in nine teams presenting their ideas and companies in the context of a festive closing ceremony. In detail, they hold a short presentation about their products and services and justified themselves at exhibition stands designed by the teams themselves. At the end, a high-quality jury had the difficult task to choose a winner. Prof. Voigt, a longstanding judge and supporter of the 5-Euro-Business, had the pleasure to present the award for the second place to the team openspirits GbR (see left), which was only beaten by the winner team Pflanzkalender GbR (see right).

The entire Chair of Industrial Management congratulates the Pflanzkalender team for their outstanding performance and all other participants for their successful participation and creative and innovative ideas! We wish all of them much success in their future business activities!