The Re-Design of Company Ecosystems and Global Value Chains – Latest Industry 4.0 research published in “International Journal of Logistics Management”

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Prof. Voigt and the Chair of Industrial Management are proud to announce that our latest research paper “Ecosystems 4.0: redesigning global value chains” has recently been published in the renowned “International Journals of Logistics Management”. The journal is rated “C” in the vhb-ranking, has an h-ranking of 72 and an impact factor of 3.325. The author team comprises of Marie-Christin Schmidt, Johannes Veile, Prof. Dr. Julian Müller, and Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt.

In our paper, we illustrate how Industry 4.0 and underlying digital technologies influence the design of ecosystems in Global Value Chains. For further insights on this topic, you can access the full paper at the publisher’s website. We hope you enjoy reading!