Latest research presented at the “G-Forum” conference 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany

From October 11th – 12th, the 22nd annual interdisciplinary conference on entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs with the overall topic “Mastering the Digital Transformation: Corporate Entrepreneurship as a Fast Track to Innovation” took place in Stuttgart, Germany. Lukas Maier represented the Chair of Industrial Management and presented the paper “Establishing an Innovation Culture Through Design Thinking: A Case Study Through the Lens of Organizational Change”. The paper was co-authored by Dr. Tanja Jovanovic, Martin Meinel, Johannes Schwarz and Prof. Voigt. We are delighted that  many researchers as well as several practitioners followed our presentation interestedly and subsequently discussed fascinating aspects in plenary. We give sincere thanks to the University of Hohenheim for organizing the conference and look forward to next year’s 23th G-Forum conference in Vienna!