Three in One Stroke! Well Done, Johannes, Lukas, and Oscar!

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Professor Voigt and the entire team at the Chair of Industrial Management cordially congratulate Johannes Veile, Lukas Maier, and Oscar Pakos for sucessfully finishing their doctoral dissertation. In 2017, Johannes, Lukas, and Oscar started together to pursue their PhD at the Chair of Industrial Management. After attending many international conferences, publishing several papers, and after a lot of hard work, they now have completed their dissertations. 

Johannes’ dissertation titled “Interconnected Value Creation in the Digital Era: How Industry 4.0 Transforms Buyer-Supplier Relationships and Supply Chain Structures” investigates how the digitalization and interconnection change supply chains from multiple angles. Lukas’ dissertation titled “A Consumer Perspective on Open Innovation” focuses on how consumers perceive firms’ open innovation activities and how these influence their purchase behavior. Oscar’s dissertation titled “Creating Workplaces That Matter: Understanding the Value and Mechanisms of Creative Workspaces” deals with the strategic corporate resource of space and how companies can use this resource in a targeted manner to promote creativity and innovation. All dissertations provide important theoretical insights for their respective research areas and offer several practical implications. Well done!

The Chair of Industrial Management congratulates them and also thanks Prof. Dr. Evi Hartmann,  Prof. Dr. Steffi Haag, Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer, Prof. Dr. Almasa Sarabi, Prof. Dr. Karl Wilbers, and Prof. Dr. Norman Fickel for their support and exciting discussions during the disputations.