Impressive student presentations at the seminar “Technology-based Service Innovation” with Dr. Daniel Gerhard

Also this semester, Dr. Daniel Gerhard, Head of Strategic Product Planning at Grammer AG, again supervised student groups as a guest lecturer at the chair of Prof. Voigt, in the seminar Technology-based Service Innovation (formerly Management of Industrial Services). The task of this interactive and practical seminar is for student groups to develop technology-based service innovations for different industries or companies.

The students presented the following topics to Prof. Voigt, Dr. Gerhard and Marc Rücker on this year’s graduation event:

– Local and inter-city public transport

– Data-driven services for commercial vehicles

– Shared Mobility

– Service-oriented innovations in agriculture

Once again, the innovative problem-solving approaches were impressive and attested to ingenuity and creativity.

Many thanks to Dr. Gerhard and the students for the creative execution of this seminar.