Latest research presented at the G-Forum conference 2019 in Vienna, Austria

From September 25th – 27th, the 23rd annual interdisciplinary G-Forum conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs with the overall topic “Opportunities for SMEs in a globalized world” took place in Vienna, Austria.

Lukas Maier represented the Chair of Industrial Management and presented the paper “The Branding Effect of Crowdfunding: Exploring Consumer Perceptions of Young Ventures Offering Crowdfunded Innovations”. The paper is co-authored by Dr. Christian Baccarella, Dr. Timm Wagner, Prof. Jörn Block (University of Trier) and Prof. Kai-Ingo Voigt.

We are delighted that  many researchers as well as several practitioners followed our presentation interestedly and subsequently discussed fascinating aspects in plenary. We give sincere thanks to the Vienna University of Economics and Business for organizing the conference and we are looking forward to next year’s 24th G-Forum conference in Karlsruhe!