Thank You Daniel Krauss for sharing your passionate startup journey with FlixMobility

Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt and the Chair of Industrial Management had the pleasure to welcome Daniel Krauss, founder and CIO at FlixMobility, for a guest lecture on his impressive startup journey and the future of mobility. The 5-year old company FlixMobility, including Flixbus and Flixtrain, just entered the US market and is already serving more than 120 million passengers in 29 countries through 300,000 daily connections between 1,700 destinations with more than 2,000 busses and 4 trains. Daniel pointed out that this success was only possible through empowering leadership and the 5 core values of FlixMobility: “customer first”, “we are a team”, “make it happen”, “entrepreneurial spirit”, and “bring passion”.

During the company’s journey to the top, Daniel experienced a lot of moments of success but also plenty of setbacks. Sharing those very special moments and anecdotes made this talk of Daniel Krauss very valuable to all our students. Daniel taught us how to cope with downsides and how to prevail in the end. Rounding up the presentation, numerous students and guests used the opportunity to raise their questions. Prof. Voigt and his team appreciate Daniel’s passionate engagement and are looking forward to welcoming him again soon.