Hitting Four Birds With One Stone at ISPIM Conference 2018 in Stockholm

Professor Voigt and his team presented the latest four research papers at the renowned innovation conference of the 29th International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) in Stockholm, Sweden. Lukas Maier talked about „Attracting Creative Talents Through Physical Workspace Design”. Subsequently, Oscar Pakos discussed research findings as for „Exploring the Objectives and Experience Consequences When Realizing Creative Workspaces”. Last but not least, Johannes Veile had the honor to present our research on “Strategic Implications for Industry 4.0-Platforms – A Social Capital Perspective” as well as on “Managing Digital Disruption of Business Models in Industry 4.0”. Professor Voigt and the whole Chair of Industrial Management express many thanks to the organizers of ISPIM Conference. We appreciate the research community for encouraging us to conduct further excellent innovation research.