Great guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Tim Hosenfeldt, Senior Vice President Corporate Innovation at Schaeffler

Following an invitation from Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt, a great guest lecture was held by Prof. Dr. Tim Hosenfeldt at the School of Business and Economics. Prof. Hosenfeld is Senior Vice President at Schaeffler AG and is responsible for Schaeffler’s technology and innovation strategy, including innovation management and culture, new business models, central R&D, and external innovation networks. In his presentation, Prof. Hosenfeldt gave a comprehensive overview about current innovation initiatives and emphasized the important role of open innovation activities to ensure future success of an industry firm like Schaeffler. Prof. Voigt thanks Prof. Hosenfeldt for sharing his insights and, moreover, a special thanks goes to the active student audience, contributing to the lecture with many great questions.