Innovation Insights Series #2 with Dr. Eva Budischin (Bosch)

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On May 15, Dr. Eva Budischin, Head of Innovation & New Business Building at Bosch Engineering, joined the “Innovation Insights Series 2024” for a lively guest lecture on the innovation culture @Bosch!

She delved into the company’s iterative and lean approach to business model innovation, from the initial idea to the final product. Eva also shared some real-life examples of business model innovation at Bosch, such as the e-bike business, where the casual spirit of the biking industry merged with the formal, corporate approach of Bosch to create the highly successful business model it is today. The insightful lecture was followed by a great discussion, with students from various courses, including “Technology and Innovation Management” and “Innovation”, actively engaging with Dr. Budischin and sharing their perspectives.

Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt and his entire team would like to thank Dr. Budischin for her valuable contribution to this lecture series and look forward to welcoming her back to her alma mater “WiSo” very soon!