Double Insights: Two Outstanding Guest Lectures at MDBA

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On Friday, 22.03.2024, Prof. Kai-Ingo Voigt, Prof. Christian Baccarella, and Prof. Lukas Maier had the privilege of hosting two exceptional guests as part of FAU’s Master of Digital Business Administration (MDBA), Class 2023-25. We were delighted to welcome Dr. Christian Mühlroth, CEO of ITONICS, and Khaleeq Aziz, CEO and founder of Symanto Research.

Dr. Christian Mühlroth is CEO of ITONICS, a consultancy specializing in data-driven innovation solutions. ITONICS focuses on strategic innovation management decision-making in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Through their innovative software platform, ITONICS empowers organizations to navigate complex data landscapes and enable (sustainable) innovation.

Khaleeq Aziz has founded several remarkable AI-based companies including Symanto, AI Zwei, Dailight, Coinradar, and Genaios. His first company, Symanto, combines psychology and machine learning algorithms to gain a profound understanding of people’s psychological profiles. More recently, Khaleeq has co-founded the “anti AI risks” company Genaios. Genaios aims to provide safe use of AI for everyone. Their new approach can be used by individuals and companies to detect and protect users and the society worldwide from common risks and threats of generative AI. For example, Genaios will be able to detect AI-generated content and to check whether the content is fake or not.

The insights shared by Christian and Khaleeq during the MDBA event shed light on the transformative potential of technology-driven solutions in understanding human behavior and fostering innovation. It was an honor to host such inspiring speakers. Both talks sparked intensive discussions among all students, underlying the importance and relevance of these topics. Prof. Voigt and his team would like to thank Christian and Khaleeq for their brilliant insights and the whole class for their great participation and commitment.