Build Your Own Start-up: Creative and Inspiring Graduation Ceremony of the Entrepreneurial Student Competition “5-Euro-Business”

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On February 6th, students participating in the “5-Euro Business” competition embraced the challenge of creating their own startups with just a 5€ starting capital! Under the discerning eyes of the entire jury (including Prof. Voigt), their inventive business ideas, comprehensive reports, effective marketing strategies, and impressive teamwork were assessed at the final event held in the historical Marmorsaal of the Presseclub in Nuremberg.

Six student groups from FAU and ohm TH Nürnberg showcased remarkable ingenuity, turning their concepts into successful ventures: The team of “Albertissimo” introduced an innovative training tool tailored for climbers, revolutionizing strength workouts. “K&O Application Service” offers personalized application documents and training, guiding applicants towards their dream jobs. “Trash Lad” presents a portable 3D-printed garbage can, combining sustainability with convenience, while “Frame It” revolutionizes picture frames using NFC technology, enabling audio playback alongside visual display. “Onezy” facilitates one-day internships through an app, bridging the gap between applicants and companies to reduce career starter drop-out rates. Finally, “Peercups” brings vibrancy to parties with fluorescent, reusable cups, adding an eco-friendly touch to celebrations.
And the winner in 2024 is… Albertissimo!

The entire Chair of Industrial Management, including co-moderator Lars Friedrich, congratulates the winning team and all other participants on their great achievements and wishes them all the best for the future!