Final Presentations on a Sustainable Automotive Industry in our Seminar with Prof. Oliver Zipse, Dr. Irene Feige and Dr. Thomas Becker

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On January 25th, Prof. Dr. Markus Beckmann and Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt welcomed three prominent co-hosts from BMW, Prof. Oliver Zipse (CEO BMW), Dr. Irene Feige (Head of Climate Strategy and Circular Economy) and Dr. Thomas Becker (VP Sustainability, Mobility BMW) for the final presentations in the seminar “Industry 5.0 – Germany’s Future of Sustainable Industrial Value Creation with BMW”. In this seminar, we explore Germany’s path towards sustainable industrial value creation. During this semester, 16 motivated students worked on four highly relevant sustainability topics such as bio-based materials, hydrogen cars, autonomous and connected cars, and the digital battery passport. The presentations sparked lively discussions, significantly enriched by the industry experience and perspectives of Prof. Oliver Zipse, Dr. Irene Feige and Dr. Thomas Becker.

We warmly thank the students for their great presentations and extend our gratitude to our BMW co-hosts for the exceptional collaboration throughout this seminar. We look forward to continuing this seminar in the upcoming summer term with further exciting topics on sustainable industrial value creation!