Siemens EMBA FAU Class of 2024: Embracing Marketing Excellence in Venice

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Greetings from Venice! From January 21st to 26th, the 10th class of the Siemens FAU EMBA led by Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt is coming together in Venice for their first international module: Marketing with Prof. Dr. Tiziano Vescovi!

In the heart of this timeless city, Prof. Vescovi is leading our exploration into diverse marketing topics, from general principles to industrial marketing, pricing, branding, and more. Two planned company visits promise real-world insights, enriching the understanding for this highly relevant topic.

Our journey commenced with a warm welcome dinner on January 21st, where the students enjoyed their first traditional Italian dinner of the week. Amidst beautiful sunny winter weather, we anticipate a week filled with not only educational growth but also a unique cultural experience.