Hot questions and cold temperature: Funklust Radio Interview with Prof. Voigt on FAU WISO Campus

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On Wednesday, December 6, Prof. Voigt gave a live interview in the radio program “funklust campustour” at FAU WISO. Welcomed by Editor-in-Chief Sebastian Schroth and professionally interviewed by Moderator Lisa-Marie Guja, Prof. Voigt talked about his lectures and collaborations between the Faculty of Engineering and FAU WISO. Furthermore, he explained the “WISO Model of Lifelong Learning”, reaching from the “Kinderuni” for younger children via Bachelor and Master Programs and our seven Master Programs in the field of Executive Education up to Microcredentials and lectures for Seniors (“FAU Scientia”). Lisa-Marie and all the radio listeners of this live program have finally been interested in more details about innovative formats for our students in order to combine an academic study with practical working experiences, i.e., our WISO-Coaching-Program.

In accordance with the cold temperature outside, this interview was “cool” – Prof. Voigt warmly thanks the organizers of Radio Funklust for inviting him!