Final presentations about AI, Data Security and Robotics in the seminar with Klaus Helmrich

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On July 18th, 2023, an exciting event marked the culmination of the seminar “Digitalization of the industrial value chain,” hosted by Klaus Helmrich, former CEO of Digital Industries Siemens AG, and Prof. Voigt. Throughout the semester, three student teams devoted their efforts to exploring the domains of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Security, and Robotics in Supply Chain Management. The event served as a platform for these teams to showcase their findings and engage in stimulating discussions with Klaus Helmrich and Prof. Voigt.

Prof. Voigt and the entire team of the Chair of Industrial Management express their sincere gratitude to Mr. Helmrich for his unwavering commitment, as well as commend all the student teams for their exceptional presentations. We are already looking forward to the upcoming summer term, when the seminar with Mr. Helmrich will take place again!