Journal of Marketing: Research paper published on cooperation between universities and industry to increase the attractiveness of new products for consumers

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We are very pleased to announce that our study “University Knowledge Inside: How and When University-Industry Collaborations Make New Products More Attractive to Consumers” has now been published in the renowned Journal of Marketing, ranked as A+ Journal. This very comprehensive study was conducted by the authors Dr. Lukas Maier, Prof. Martin Schreier (both WU Vienna University), Prof. Christian Baccarella (University of Bonn), and Prof. Kai-Ingo Voigt from FAU WiSo in excellent teamwork.

Our research investigates the power of university-industry collaborations on the field of new-product-development. We show that products co-developed with universities have a significant positive impact on consumer perception. Consumers are more engaged and find these products more attractive even after trying them. They are willing to pay up to 65% more for products marketed as co-developed with a university. Moreover, we find that the effect is more pronounced when the scientific legitimacy engendered by universities is more important to the focal product (i.e., high-tech vs. low-tech), underlying company (i.e., new vs. established), or target customer (i.e., high vs. low belief in science).

We particularly thank the Schöller Forschungszentrum for their continuous support of our author team! Feel free to contact us for further information about our article, which can be found here: