Design Thinking Challenge completed: Students develop unique solutions for the FAU Campus in Nürnberg

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In the winter semester of 2021/22, 98 students from all FAU departments once again had the opportunity to engage with (their) creativity in the Organizational Creativity course and at the same time pursue an exciting challenge using Design Thinking.

In cooperation with the administration of FAU-WiSo, 26 student teams dedicated themselves to the topic: Design Your Campus Experience. During the semester, the students were guided in 12 virtual sessions through the three phases Needfinding (problem identification), Ideation (idea generation), Experimentation (prototyping and testing) and taught the necessary tools. Alternately, the students were sensitized to hard skills (creativity methods) and soft skills (e.g., interviewing, empathy, observation) which they then had to try out and test on the customer.

After three months of hard creative work and 156 identified problems later, on 09 February 2022, 26 elaborated concepts of the students were presented in the form of 60 second videos. All groups showed unique solutions reflecting the idea of a modern university life. The videos can be found here or directly on Instagram (@organizational_creativity_FAU). Well done!*

Prof. Kai-Ingo Voigt, Dr. Oscar Pakos, Lars Friedrich, and Dr. Tobias Eismann (Senior Strategist for Creativity and Innovation @ Siemens) would like to thank all students for their creative efforts and trust in sharing their creativity with us in the course. Also, sincere thanks to the FAU-WiSo administration for the challenge and trust in the course.

*Randomly selected example videos can be found below: