Winter Semester 2021/2022 successfully finished: Student teams of our “Innovation Seminar” presented and discussed their results with Daniel Krauss (CIO and founder of Flix)

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On February 10th, 2022, Prof. Voigt, Christian Baccarella, and Lukas Maier welcomed Daniel Krauss, CIO and founder of Flix, for the final presentations of the Innovation Seminar.

In the seminar, three student teams are working on highly relevant strategic topics for Flix. This semester, the students worked on the following three topics: (1) Employer Attraction 2.0 – working around the globe, (2) managing the post-merger integration of Greyhound, and (3) Software-as-a-Service as a new business model opportunity for Flix.

Daniel and the team of the Chair of Industrial Management were impressed by the great quality of the presented results and the students’ depth of knowledge during the following discussions.

Prof. Voigt and his whole team highly appreciate Daniel’s engagement and we are looking forward to welcoming him again in the summer semester with new exciting topics.