Digital Field Trip to Berlin with our pioneering MDBA Class

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From September 16th to 18th, the “Digital Field Trip” to Berlin with our first MDBA class successfully took place in accordance with the 3G rules. The MDBA students, together with Professor Voigt, Christian Baccarella, and Lukas Maier, visited the “German Digital Capital” Berlin to gain interesting insights into the digital startup world. In particular, the MDBA-students were able to learn and discuss with two digital startup entrepreneurs: Erik Muttersbach (Co-founder and CTO of Forto, formerly Freighthub) and Benjamin Molzahn (CFO of Fit Analytics).

Forto was founded in 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Since its foundation, Forto has grown its customer base to more than 2,000 customers and expanded its team to over 600 technology experts and logistics enthusiasts located at 16 different offices worldwide. Recently, Forto even became a “unicorn” – having more than 1.2 billion dollars of value.

Fit Analytics (founded in 2010) is based in Berlin and Chicago and supports partners across six continents by delivering accurate sizing recommendations to millions of shoppers worldwide every month. Fit Analytics uses the power of machine learning to give leading brands and retailers all the tools they need to solve sizing, sell smarter, and turn data into actionable insight.

Besides these excellent startup experiences, we also enjoyed good community, delicious food, and the fascinating city of Berlin! We would like to thank Eric and Benjamin for their great hospitality and their valuable insights. We are already looking forward to coming back to Berlin soon!