Thanks, Timm, for sharing “Innovation Insights” from the adidas Future Team!

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On June 16th, Dr. Timm Wagner, member of the adidas Future Team and alumnus of the Chair of Prof. Voigt, presented adidas’ latest innovations and their take on innovation management in front of more than 300 bachelor and master students. The adidas Future Team, consisting of designers, engineers, and innovation managers, is responsible for developing disruptive and sustainable innovations as well as new (digital) technologies for the whole company.

Among others, Timm talked about the “made to be remade” adidas shoe “Futurecraft Loop”. The “Futurecraft Loop” is a running shoe made from a single piece of plastic. Part of a circular system, the sneaker is designed to live on after its initial lifespan by being recycled and made into a new pair of shoes. The idea is for the materials that make up the “Futurecraft Loop” to be reused over and over again, and take life in the form of new shoes. Moreover, Timm talked about adidas’ innovation culture and their dedicated open innovation philosophy. Rounding up the presentation, many students used the opportunity to discuss and share their experiences with him.

Prof. Voigt and his whole team appreciate Timm’s passionate engagement and are looking forward to welcoming him soon again in person.