Industrial Management in Practice with Prof. Dr. Stefan Landwehr – a success story

For more than 10 years, Prof. Voigt and Prof. Landwehr from the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt have been offering the seminar “Industrial Management in Practice”. Purpose of the seminar is it that students compile concrete solution suggestions for companies and present these in the context of the seminar. Today the students could prove again in front of our industrial partners how well they can apply the theoretical bases from the lectures also in practice. The representatives of the companies Unity AG, Diehl Metall, Sumitomo Demag, Fath GmbH and Phalanx GmbH were impressed by the presentations of our students and the solutions they developed. We are pleased that we were again able to win such exciting companies from the region as partners this semester and hope that the creative suggestions of our students will help the companies.

Many thanks to our industrial partners, Prof. Landwehr and of course our students for this successful seminar!