Happy Birthday, Professor Pfeiffer!!

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On December 7th 2018, Professor Dr. Werner Pfeiffer, holder of the Chair of Industrial Management at FAU from 1971-1998, celebrated his 85th birthday in the beautiful Castle at Köngen – very near to Professor Pfeiffer’s place of birth.

Many of his former colleagues and doctoral students warmly congratulated him and attended this most festive celebration. Among the guests was Professor Dr. Stefan Asenkerschbaumer (CFO of Bosch and Honorary Professor at the Chair of Industrial Management), who formerly was research and teaching associate under Professor Pfeiffer. His former secretaries Ingrid Zander and Kitty Mohr expressed Professor Pfeiffer their hearty congratulations, joined by Professor Voigt, the present Chairholder in Nuremberg.

Professor Pfeiffer thanked all his guests with a moving speech. As a highlight of the evening, a special suprise has been presented to him: A brand new edition of his habilitation from 1970: “A General Theory of Technological Change”, which turns out to be a fascinating read, especially in the present times full of technological turmoils!

We warmly thank Dr. Christoph Strubl and Professor Dr. Steffen Wettengl for organizing this beautiful event. Moreover, we thank Wilhelm Goschy, member of the managing board of Staufen AG, for providing the outstanding location, the Castle in Köngen .

Dear Professor Pfeiffer, we wish you all the best and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon at your former Chair of Industrial Management in Nuremberg.