A scintillating Celebration: Twenty years Chair of Industrial Management with Prof. Voigt at FAU

On October 1st 1998, Prof. Voigt started his journey at FAU as a newly appointed Professor at the then called “Lehrstuhl für Industriebetriebslehre” and as the successor of Prof. Pfeiffer, one of the leading researchers in the field of innovation and technology management. Since then, a lot has happened and Prof. Voigt and generations of young researchers have helped to shape the vision of the Chair. All of this was reason enough to invite old and new companions who have helped to build and further develop the Chair in order to make it what it is today. Most of the 70 doctoral students who successfully completed their PhD in the last twenty years and all of the (up to now) six professors of the “Voigt School” met at the festive Hirsvogelsaal next to the School of Business and Economics of FAU. All guests, including former chair holder Prof. Pfeiffer and our Honorary Professors Stefan Asenkerschbaumer and Heinrich v. Pierer, made this evening an unforgettable event.

Prof. Voigt would like to express his gratitude for each and every one who has contributed to the well-being of the Chair in the last 20 years. And be assured: This is certainly not the end of the story!