New research publication successes

The Chair is pleased to announce its latest research publications in the fields of Industry 4.0, innovation management, crowdfunding, and cooperatives. A comprehensive analysis of Industry 4.0 is provided by the article “The Influence of the Industrial Internet of Things on Business Models of Established Manufacturing Companies – A Business Level Perspective”, which is authored by Daniel Kiel, Christian Arnold, and Kai-Ingo Voigt and published in Technovation (VHB Ranking C). Additionally, the paper “Sustainable Industrial Value Creation: Benefits and Challenges of Industry 4.0”, authored by Daniel Kiel, Julian Müller, Christian Arnold, and Kai-Ingo Voigt is accepted for publication in International Journal of Innovation Management (VHB Ranking B). Besides, a closer examination of idea contests takes place in the study “Participation Motives, Moral Disengagement, and Unethical Behaviour in Idea Competitions” by Christian Scheiner, Christian Baccarella, John Bessant, and Kai-Ingo Voigt, which is also accepted for publication in International Journal of Innovation Management. Further, crowdfunding is examined by Tanja Jovanović, Alexander Brem, and Kai-Ingo Voigt in the studyWho invests why? An analysis of investment decisions in b2b or b2c equity crowdfunding projects” that is accepted for publication in the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (VHB Ranking C). Finally, Prof. Voigt edited the book “Die digitale Genossenschaftsbank: Strategische Herausforderungen und Implementierung”, which addresses the effects of digitization on cooperative banks to ensure future viability of their business model.

All authors wish you a captivating reading!