Great evening at the Nuremberg Management Talks with Janina Kugel (Chief Human Resources Officer at Siemens AG)

Having a conversation with a well-known person from the business world – this opportunity was offered to a fully packed auditorium during the Nuremberg Management Talks on Thursday, November 16, 2017.

Special guest for the evening was Mrs. Janina Kugel – Chief Human Resources Officer and board member of Siemens AG. In the first part of the evening, Prof. Voigt and two journalists of the Nürnberger Nachrichten interviewed Mrs. Kugel on the topic “New markets – new strategies”. In the second part, Mrs. Kugel answered many questions leading to an interesting discussion with the audience. Here, not only the global player Siemens, but also the charismatic person of Janina Kugel was in the center of attention.

Prof. Voigt and the whole Chair would like to thank Mrs. Kugel for accepting the invitation to the School of Business and Economics and for giving interesting insights into modern leadership and future value creation. Moreover, we would also like to thank the numerous guests for their attendance and their interest in the event!

We are looking forward to welcome you next year at the Nuremberg Management Talks again!