Two Decades of Excellence: Captivating Student Presentations with Prof. Heinrich v. Pierer to mark the 20th Anniversary of our “Praxisseminar”

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In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of our esteemed “Praxisseminar” with Prof. Heinrich v. Pierer, former Siemens CEO and currently CEO at Pierer Consulting, our students delved into a critical topic affecting many globally active corporations: the escalating pressure from shareholders. In recent years, the demand to split up conglomerates intensified significantly, compelling former giants to shrink and concentrate on a core business. The strategic dilemma posed is: Should conglomerates accept the inherent discount in their valuation, or should they consider spinning off divisions to unlock value? Our highly motivated students have explored five cases on this topic and are presenting their findings to the expert panel. This week marked the second session of presentations, in which our students delivered insightful analyses on the tense situation of Bayer and the ongoing restructuring of Fresenius.

To celebrate the successful presentations, the students were invited by Prof. v. Pierer to a Nürnberg “Biergarten”.

In the name of all students and Chair Members involved including Co-Host Dr. Ulrich Dörrie, Prof. Kai-Ingo Voigt and Michael Mertel extend their heartfelt gratitude to Prof. v. Pierer for 20 years of enriching, fruitful and inspiring collaboration. What a wonderful achievement, on which we offer our warmest congratulations! The FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg has always been a place of the highest scientific exchange, in which Prof. v. Pierer has been a firm pillar for two decades. But do not worry: The journey continues! See you in our next seminar with Prof. v. Pierer in winter term 2024/2025!