From classroom to startup: The success story of CityHunters

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On November 13th, Prof. Voigt and the Chair of Industrial Management had the pleasure of hosting C.-Philipp Steiner from CityHunters, a startup based in Nuremberg that specializes in team-building events and excursions. The founders, Philipp and Daniel, forged their connection while pursuing their studies here at FAU and decided to embark on the entrepreneurial journey after successfully developing and testing their idea in the infamous „5-Euro Business“ course.

During his captivating 60-minute keynote presentation, Philipp shared his personal entrepreneurial journey and gave interesting insights into the importance of digitalization and constantly adapting the business model. With smart decision-making and a commitment to innovate every day, the CityHunters adeptly navigated the challenges brought about by the Covid pandemic, ultimately steering the startup to success. At the conclusion of his presentation, he offered the students invaluable advice on starting their own ventures and welcomed personal questions from the audience.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Philipp for facilitating this enlightening session and express our gratitude to his insightful speech. We wish CityHunters continued success and look forward to future encounters!