Memorial Birthday of Professor Dr. Werner Pfeiffer, former Head of our Chair

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On September 18th, Prof. Dr. Werner Pfeiffer (* 18. September 1933 in Plochingen; † 22. Mai 2019 in Nuremberg) would be celebrating his 90th birthday. Prof. Pfeiffer was Head of the Chair of Industrial Management from 1971 to 1998. Over the years, Prof. Pfeiffer authored a large number of highly respected publications on Technology and Lean Management as well as System Rationalization. In particular, his research on the Technology Portfolio, Timing Strategies in Technology Management, and in Lean Management have set clear directions in management literature and have become “Must Reads” for generations of young managers. In addition to that, he was an inspiring teacher for thousands of WiSo students as well as a sensitive and highly respected mentor for many PhD students and young scientists working at the Chair. Due to his ambition to integrate academia and practice, he also co-founded FIV Consulting GmbH, a network of alumni and companies.

We will retain respectful memories of this extraordinary personality!