Prof. Voigt welcomes to the 25th edition of the FAU WiSo Mentoring Program!

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On May 23rd, Prof. Voigt as representative of the Faculty Management Board opened the Kick-Off Event of the 25th FAU WiSo Mentoring Program (WiSo Patenschaftsprogramm). Managed by Michael Otto and the Career Service team, this year’s program brings together 85 exceptional Bachelor students from FAU WiSo and 15 dynamic companies rooted in the Nuremberg Metropolitan area.

Throughout the program, students will gain hands-on experience and develop their business skills by working closely with these industry-leading mentors. This practical approach will shape their future careers and open doors to exciting opportunities.

We can’t wait to see another cohort of students thrive in this fantastic program, that has already been successfully realized as WiSo for 25 years. Get ready for an enriching and enjoyable journey!