Innovation Insights Series #1 with Dr. Andreas Volek (Head of Strategic Innovation Management @Diehl)

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The Chair of Industrial Management proudly inaugurated this year’s Innovation Insights Series, which began on April 26th with an engaging guest lecture by Dr. Andreas Volek, Head of Strategic Innovation Management at Diehl.

During his talk, Dr. Volek delved into Diehl’s internal methodology for recognizing megatrends and converting them into innovative projects. This is achieved through the utilization of innovation planning instruments, including the “Diehl Trend Radar.” Additionally, Dr. Volek reflected on artificial intelligence and digital industrial platforms in the context of innovation management.

Following his captivating presentation, students from the “Technology and Innovation Management,” “Industrielles Management,” and “Innovation” courses eagerly took the chance to discuss their thoughts with Dr. Volek.

Prof. Voigt and his entire team would like to extend their gratitude to Dr. Volek for sharing his invaluable expertise on strategic innovation management. Dear Andreas, we eagerly look forward to welcoming you soon again 😊