Insights into University Life and Entrepreneurship: Children discuss and learn with Prof. Voigt as part of the KinderUni Nürnberg

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On April 4th, we had the pleasure of welcoming more than 20 „junior scientists“ between eight and twelve as part of the KinderUni Nürnberg. This exciting event, organized in collaboration with FAU, aims to introduce young children to the world of science and teaching in an interesting and interactive way.

During the one-hour lecture titled “What is a company – and how do you found a start-up?”, Prof. Voigt engaged the children in a lively discussion, providing them with insights into Managerial Science and how it relates to Entrepreneurship. Using a series of practical examples, he explained the basics of founding a start-up – something that everyone can do if there is a fitting motivation and a proper preparation.

The discussion with all the little „Einsteins“ and „Marie Curies” in our lecture was highly dynamic, and many of our young guests contributed actively by raising their hands, posing insightful questions and making clever statements on companies, products and digital solutions. Chapeau!

Prof. Voigt and his entire team would like to thank all children for taking part – we are already looking forward to seeing many of them in our Bachelor- and Master-Programs at FAU‘s WiSo! 🙂