Sustainable Innovation and Consumer Behavior at the 44. Erlanger Universitätstage

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Exciting keynote speech at the 44th Erlanger Universitätstage in Amberg! On March 28th, Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt and Lauren Anne Mackintosh had the chance to discuss the importance of sustainable innovation and consumer behavior in the fully packed town hall in Amberg, highlighting how companies and society can shift consumer behavior towards environmental friendliness. Further, they presented their research project, BIOTEXFUTURE TransitionLab3, where they analyzed 350,000 social media posts to identify consumer segments for sustainable and bio-based textiles and motivations for their purchase and use. After their presentation, there was a lively discussion with the highly interested and curious audience.

We warmly thank the organizers of this event as well as the city of Amberg and especially their major for welcoming us and hosting the Universitätstage in their beautiful city hall!