Our research featured in BBC.com article

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We are very happy that one of our recently published papers was featured in a BBC article. The BBC article “Can you ‘programme’ your brain to think of genius solutions?” by David Robson deals with the important question of how creativity can be trained. In the article, David Robson refers to our article “Exploring the Effects of Creativity Training on Creative Performance and Creative Self-Efficacy: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study” that was published in The Journal of Creative Behavior (JCB). In our paper, Martin Meinel, Timm Wagner, Christian Baccarella, and Kai-Ingo Voigt explore the impact of creativity trainings on participants’ creative performance and creative self-efficacy. Based on a longitudinal research design, various implications are derived both for theory and practice.

For us, it is always great to see when our research tackles relevant topics and thus finds its way into publication outlets that reach a mainstream audience. Enjoy the read!