Dr. Lütke-Entrup from Siemens @ Innovation Insights Series

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On June 9th, the Chair’s “Innovation Insights Series” continued with another highlight: Professor Voigt and his team had the honor and pleasure to welcome Dr. Lütke-Entrup – Head of Technology & Innovation Management at Siemens. He followed our invitation to give a digital guest lecture for our courses “Technology and Innovation Management“, “Innovation“ and “Industrial Management” about the topic Innovation @ Siemens.

Dr. Lütke-Entrup talked about how Siemens turns innovation into strategic advantages and shared exciting insights with the students. He discussed new application options of digital technologies and new business models– especially in the industry, infrastructure and mobility field. Furthermore, he gave us insights about new ways of innovative thinking at Siemens, away from the technology push to the customer pull principle, especially through open innovation. With this proceeding, Siemens is able to tap unexpected problems and new solutions through open source ecosystems. Lastly, Dr. Lütke-Entrup presented examples of how to integrate the expertise of all Siemens’ employees into their innovation process in a playful way.

Rounding up his guest lecture, many students used the opportunity to discuss their questions with Dr. Lütke-Entrup. We would like to thank Dr. Lütke-Entrup, also on behalf of our students, for truly captivating innovation insights and we are already looking forward to welcoming him back soon as a great guest lecturer!