Unleashing the Full Potential of Modern Workspaces: New Publication on the Importance of Workspaces for Creativity

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We are pleased to announce that our article has been published in the European Journal of Workplace Innovation on March 31st. The Journal of European Workplace Innovation is an academic journal that publishes research on innovation and workplace development.

The authors of this paper, Dr. Oscar Pakos, Dr. Tobias Eismann, Dr. Martin Meinel (both Creativity Lab @Siemens), and Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt, investigated the process of designing and implementing modern workspaces. However, designing, planning, and implementing such workspaces is highly complex and affects multiple organizational variables at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

To explore how companies approach these challenges when designing creative workspaces, we interviewed 20 experts from organizations that have recently implemented such designs. We asked about the objectives and consequences of their new workspace designs and compared their answers to the findings reported in the existing literature.

Our analysis revealed that many organizations were not fully aware of the organizational impact of these changes and failed to consider creativity enhancement as an explicit goal. Our findings suggest that the full potential of modern workspace design remains untapped. For this reason, we have derived five recommendations on how the potential of work environments can be better exploited (see image).

The full article can be accessed here. We hope that our research will inspire organizations to think more deeply about the potential benefits of creative workspaces and to invest in these spaces in a way that maximizes their full potential.