Great discussions on strategic topics at Flix with CIO and Co-Founder Daniel Krauss

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On February 8th, Prof. Dr. Kai-Ingo Voigt, Hannah Altenburg and Lauren Mackintosh welcomed Daniel Krauss, CIO and Co-founder of Flix, and 12 students for the final presentations of the Innovation Seminar. During the semester, the three student groups worked on exciting and strategically relevant topics for Flix: (1) The role of customer service for customer lifetime value, (2) A market study on the brand recognition of Flix and (3) Concepts for connecting Flix and the last mile. After the great presentations, Daniel shared his thoughts on the presented results and provided interesting insights to Flix.

We thank Daniel and the student groups for their highly valuable contributions in this final seminar closing for the winter semester and look forward to the next edition in the summer semester, with new exciting topics!