Sustainability through Industrial Platforms? Successful final presentations in “Das Industrieseminar” with Prof. Dr. Stefan Asenkerschbaumer

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On January 31, we were once again very pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Stefan Asenkerschbaumer, chairman of the supervisory board of Robert Bosch GmbH, back to our “WiSo” for the closing event of our joint “Industrieseminar”.

This semester, three student groups analyzed the potentials, risks and implications of Digital Industrial Platforms for sustainability, operationalized by the Triple Bottom Line, i.e. economic, ecologic, and social impacts. Our students successfully presented their research on the respectively assigned platform types procurement, IIoT and marketplace platforms, and afterwards engaged in a vivid discussion.

Prof. Voigt and the entire Chair would like to thank Prof. Dr. Stefan Asenkerschbaumer and Dr. René Hartke for coming to Nürnberg and discussing with us, as well as, the students for their insightful presentations and participation.

We are already looking forward to our next “Industrieseminar” in the upcoming summer term!