Congratulations to our students of our seminar with Prof. Heinrich v. Pierer

Heinrich von Pierer Prof Voigt Oscar Pakos Michael Mertel FAU Wiso Nürnberg

Following our successful presentations last week, the Chair of Industrial Management welcomed once again Prof. Dr. Heinrich v. Pierer, former SIEMENS CEO and currently CEO at Pierer Consulting, and Dr. Ulrich Dörrie (researcher in residence of the Chair of Industrial Management), at FAU in Nürnberg.

After great insights into the benefits and challenges of the government involvement in CureVac, Lufthansa and Uniper last week, our highly motivated students gave great insights into the government involvement of Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn. While the government involvement of Deutsche Bahn has historical reasons, the involvement in Commerzbank was highly influenced by a risky attempt to merge with the Dresdner Bank in combination with the financial crisis in 2008. In all five cases, our students did a great job investigating this highly complex field from a financial, legal, and management perspective. We can take away that government involvement is a double-edged sword and a measure that should be treated with caution. Particularly exciting were the discussions with Prof. v. Pierer that followed the presentations, in which the theses developed by the students were put to the test.

Prof. Voigt, Dr. Oscar Pakos, and Michael Mertel thank Prof. v. Pierer, Dr. Dörrie, and the student groups for the great collaboration! We ended the seminar with a joint dinner in a local restaurant and wish our students continued success on their way. See you soon!