Bringing OT and IT together to make digital transformation real: Inspiring guest lecture by Jörg Bauer in our seminar “Technology-based Service Innovation” with Dr. Daniel Gerhard

Kai-Ingo Voigt, Michael Mertel, Daniel Gerhard, Jörg Bauer in the guest lecture

On December 7, the Chair of Industrial Management once again welcomed Jörg Bauer, Head of Strategic Portfolio Management, Technology and Innovation @Siemens, for an inspiring guest lecture in our seminar “Technology-Based Service Innovation” by Dr. Daniel Gerhard and Prof. Voigt.

Jörg referred about how converging IT and OT will enable digital transformation and how Siemens Xcelerator is going to support companies on their journey to becoming true digital enterprises. By bringing together OT (automation pyramid) and IT (IT-Stack), Siemens Xcelerator aims at offering cross-industry as-a-service solutions that drive digital transformation in companies of all sizes, from family-business to global leaders. The core elements involve a clear and modular portfolio together with a growing ecosystem that is fueled by a strong marketplace for applications. In the end, Xcelerator shall serve as an interoperable, open, secure, and flexible platform that connects all types of industries. Following this approach, Siemens (coming from OT) partners up with strong industry leaders from IT (e.g. Nvidia) to create value together.

Prof. Voigt, Dr. Daniel Gerhard and Michael Mertel would like to thank Jörg for the exciting and insightful lecture – See you soon, Jörg!