Cordial invitation to Prof. Voigt’s NUElecture on “Digital industrial platforms – a turning point in industrial value creation?”

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The industrial sector is an economic organizational form, providing us with products and increasingly with services. In the approximately 250 years since it was founded, the industrial sector has changed constantly. For some time now, “digitalization” and “sustainability” have been important drivers of these changes. However, the industrial business model – the basic logic of value creation – has not changed fundamentally since the emergence of industrial production. But now there are signs of a turning point: digital platforms, which are changing and replacing the previously dominant “pipeline business model”, are also picking up speed in the industrial sector. As a result, industrial value creation is becoming increasingly complex.

The following questions arise: How are such industrial platforms built? Which types are there? What development paths are emerging? And above all: What advantages do digital industrial platforms offer, and what particular risks are associated with them? Finding good and innovative answers to these questions is decisive for the future viability of industrial value creation – also and especially in the “industrial country” Germany.

We cordially invite everyone who wants to learn more about this decisive topic to attend the NUElecture at the Zukunftsmuseum Nürnberg on 18 October 2022, 19:00 o’clock. The NUElecture is free and open to everybody, so we are looking forward to welcoming you and discussing future developments in this field in plenum!