New research presented at the 23rd CINet Conference in Pisa

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At this year’s CINet Conference in Pisa, held from September 11th to 13th 2022 and hosted by the University of Pisa, Michael Mertel and Lauren Mackintosh presented two research papers on behalf of the Chair of Industrial Management.


Michael Mertel presented the paper “Data Sharing and Data-Driven Business Models – A synthesized Framework“ on behalf the entire team of authors including Lars FriedrichFabian Brechtel and Kai-Ingo Voigt. Based on a systematic literature review, the paper introduces a framework to identify motivating factors for sharing data between organizations. The second paper is entitled “Profiting from Non-Profits? When and how collaborating with NPOS in new product development increases consumer preferences for sustainable products“ and was presented by Lauren Mackintosh. The paper is co-authored with Lukas Maier and Kai-Ingo Voigt and examines how the information that a product was created in collaboration with a non-profit organization (NPO) influences product preferences for sustainable products.


We are proud to have been part of the 23rd CINet Conference in Pisa and already look forward to the conference next year!