Successful student presentations in the seminar “Digitalization of the Value Chain in Industry” with Klaus Helmrich

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On 25 July 2022 Klaus Helmrich, former CEO of Siemens Digital Industries, and Prof. Voigt welcomed three student teams to the closing event of the seminar. After the kickoff event in April where the students were given the challenge of digitalization in supply chain, the teams presented three solutions: blockchain for trust and transparency, digital risk management, and industrial asset sharing platforms. All student teams presented exciting approaches in their presentations which they later discussed with Prof. Voigt, Mr. Helmrich and the other teams.


Prof. Voigt, Fabian Brechtel and Lars Friedrich would like to thank Klaus Helmrich for the fruitful collaboration and all students for the great discussion afterwards. We are looking forward to welcoming Mr. Helmrich again in the upcoming summer term 2023.